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2240 W. Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85224-6156

Mathew B. Juan Post 35




This Post was started in 1919 under the temporary charter as Chandler Post #35.  In February 1920 the permanent charter was issued.  In 1924 there was a Charter change whereby the post was known as Sahuaro Post #35.  Commander W.W. Pickrell was the first Commander.

On March 9, 1920, Chandler Town Ordinance Title VII was adopted.  The ordinance was signed by Chandler's founder and first Mayor, Dr. A.J. Chandler, and by City Clerk W.W. Pickerell. (First Commander of Post 35, 1920)

There were thrity charter members.  In these first years the Post had no official Post Home but the members kept active in Legion work and held meetings at different members homes for some time and at other times met at City Hall and the Woman's Club building.

Finances for Legion activities were raised in various and sundry ways; sponsoing weekly boxing and wrestling matches, turkey shoots, horse races, etc.

In 1929 the post was rechartered with our present name in honor of Mathew B. Juan, the first Pima Indian from Arizona to lose his life in World War I.  The name change was official June 12, 1929 with George V. Grosh, Commander.  Mathew was a native of Arizona, being born and raised on the Pima reservation at Sacaton.  Through the work of the Post and the Indian people, a monument was erected in his honor in 1932.

Post 35 is invited every year to the Iwo Jima Flag Raising Service in Sacaton to present the memorial wreath to the Mathew B. Juan memorial.

The current post home was purchased in 1937 under Commander H. Gunderson.  The final payment and burning of the mortage was made in 1940 under Commander J. D. Vance.

Early in 1941, with the assistance of many of the Auxiliary members and numerous hours of work, a Serviceman's Center was started to provide the Service personnel with a place to go during their off duty hours.  Through their efforts, dances, picnics and a Serviceman's Center similiar to the USO was provided.

In 1946, under Commander R.C. Muse, the Post was incorporated and members at the time started the Club room.  At that time, the Club room consisted of two saw horses, a 1" x 12" plank and one #3 wash tub for cooling beer.  The cash register was a King Edward cigar box.  From this meager beginning and with lots of hard work, the post now has a club room to be proud of.

In 1948 members became alarmed at the lack of display of our flag, especially on legal holidays, in our city.  From this concern our Flag Service was started.  This service is to furnish a flag, display, recover and store for a nominal yearly fee.  This program met with such success the post had a surplus in the finance account.  In 1949 the post used this surplus and gave the community a safer July 4th celebration, the post started the annual fireworks display.  This display was the only one in the Valley, if not in the state, free to the Public.

The Post has received many citations for various community projects. One that everyone is most proud of is the Freedom Foundation Award in 1959.

As the Sons of the American Legion was discontinued in 1937 in the Department of Arizona, members of this post started work to reactivate this organization.  A charter was received from Squadron 35 in 1962.  The Chandler Squadron was the first to be reactiviated. 

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