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Mathew B. Juan Post 35


                                          WELCOME FELLOW LEGIONNAIRES!
     February 21, 2016
     As we close the final week of February I want to share the
     following information:
     1. The Rehab dinner on February 6th was a great success. We
         helped raise almost $10,000 for Veterans, and Chef Mike
         put out a great spread and I feel we will be the site of the
         next one hopefully.
     2. The Sacaton ceremony was a fantastic event. We were unit
          #70 in a parade of 120 plus. We had 14 Riders and 7 others
           to help on the float. We hope to increase our presence next
           year. If you have not been there, you are missing something
           that exemplifies what we stand for and who we are. Thanks
           to everyone who made this a special day.
     3. It was brought up at our General Meeting, a motion to have
         Post #35 go to non-smoking. It was referred to committee
         to study other posts who have done this and the
         ramifications on our budget as we are currently in the
         process of a budget cut to avoid any more losses.
     4. Also, the District 12 Oratorical event was held at our post
         the same day as the Sacaton Parade and I understand it was
         very successful. I unfortunately could not be in both places
         at the same time, although I wish I could have been there also.
     5  As of February 1st 2016, credit cards are now accepted.
     Thank You
     For God and Country
     Hank Riebold


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